holiday safety tips

Christmas Tree Safety Tips

If you decide to buy a fresh Evergreen Christmas tree, remember that it should be very green and moist with a resin-sticky trunk. The pine needles should be hard to pull off of the branches, and they should not break when you try to bend them.

•  Keep the tree away from all heat sources, especially your fireplace 

•  Make sure the tree is anchored firmly to the stand

•  Try to keep all of your small children and pets away from the Christmas tree water, as it might contain toxins

•  If you have pets, don’t use tinsel. If swallowed, it can get lodged in their intestines and may cause a bowel obstruction

•  Keep an eye on strings of lights—they could become a danger for children and pets. Be sure to hang them high, and hide or cover the cords near the floor

•  If you have little children, think about using larger plastic or styrofoam ornaments and decorations. Glass ornaments can break, get stepped on, or even swallowed! 

•  Use timers for tree and window lights so they turn on and off automatically, especially if you’re out of the house a lot during the holidays

holiday safety tips

Decorations Safety Tips

•  In all cases, use flame-resistant and non-combustible decorations

•  Remember to put small ornaments, bowls of pine cones/potpourri and nativity scenes with small pieces high and out of reach if you have small kids or pets

•  Keep fresh poinsettias out of reach as well. If they’re in a heavy decorative pot, a curious toddler can pull it over and hurt himself. Also, poinsettias are toxic if eaten by your pets

•  You may want to forgo mistletoe and holly this year. If ingested, mistletoe can cause severe illnesses

Christmas Lights Safety Tips

•  Make sure all of the lights that you hang are tagged and tested for safety

•  Throw away your old, damaged sets of Christmas lights

•  Don’t use more than three standard-sized sets of lights per extension cord

•  Don’t use electric lights on a metallic tree

•  When decorating outside, only sue the lights that have been certified for outdoor use.

•  When to hanging lights outdoors, make sure the base of the ladder is free from clutter. Rest the ladder on a solid, level surface.

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