selling your home this spring

Selling your home during the spring season is usually the best time for homeowners; typically the housing market blooms along with flowers! From March through June, the real estate market is in full force throughout Chicago area. 

Here are five reasons why spring is a great time to sell your home:

1. Springtime is More Convenient for Buyers

Springtime has historically been the time of year that most buyers start focusing on moving, as may people want to get settled into a new home before the school year starts. Buying a home in the spring and having the summer to get adjusted appeals to families with kids.  Because of this more convenient timing, more buyers are out looking at homes in the spring. When there are more buyers out there, that means more foot traffic into your home, and more opportunities for you to sell your home!

2. The Days are Longer

We just “sprung forward” on March 8th, so the days are getting longer, and that’s a good thing. There is more sunlight and more time for buyers to start looking for homes. Buyers tend to hibernate during the winter months and often wait for warmer days to search for homes. As the weather improves, so do the moods of many people, and that’s a good thing too!

selling your home in the spring

3. Improved Curb Appeal

Home exteriors tend to look their best in the spring. If you have a nice yard with flowers, bushes, trees, and green grass it’s extremely appealing to buyers, and in spring everything is blooming. It’s also a great time to add spruce up your front door with a fresh coat of paint and add some nice spring decor to your front porch.  Your patio, deck, back porch, balcony, or yard can look more inviting now than at other times of the year also.  

4. More Buyers = Higher Prices and Better Comparable Properties

When there are more buyers, that  means there is more competition from other buyers, and that means there is more of a chance for bidding wars! Due to the fact that prices tend to be higher and there are more closed sales during the spring, I will have access to more comparable properties that better reflect the current market value.

Please contact me if you are interested in selling your home this spring!

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