add curb appeal to sell your home

Have you heard the saying “you never get a second chance to make a good first impression”? This is absolutely true when selling your home! Part of my job as your listing agent, is to help you make sure that the first look buyers get of your home is a good one. 

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with these tips and get ready for compliments and inquiries about your home.

Tips to Great Curb Appeal

•  Power wash your home’s exterior, and if there is any loose or peeling paint, you might want to repaint also

•  Thoroughly clean the inside and outside of your windows. Remove any debris and cobwebs that you may have

•  Fix any loose shingles on your roof

•  Clean out your gutters and replace them if they’re rusty, bent or look old

•  Tidy up flower beds

•  Keep your lawn mowed throughout the entire sale process

•  Remove all weeds, dandelions and grass that may be growing up through sidewalks

curb appeal when selling

•  Keep the trees and bushes trimmed

•  Roll up your garden hose, and make sure yard tools are put away

•  Keep the driveway and walkway to the house neatly swept

•  Plant some bright-colored flowers

•  Paint or replace your front door if needed

•  Replace the front door’s hardware and handle

Remember the Sides & Back of Your House

•  Power wash your patio or deck, then sand & stain if necessary
•  Secure any loose boards that you have on your deck

•  Paint or stain wood fences and repair broken fencing

•  Set up an inviting sitting area in the backyard

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