is your house haunted

You just moved into your new home. You and your family are so excited! The home has tons of space, big rooms, with three floors. It’s the one you have always dreamed of. You and your family love it– for a few days. But then, unexplained things start to happen. Oh, no…

Could It Be Haunted?

Even though you’re really happy to be all moved in, you suddenly feel depressed, listless, without energy, and no one can explain why.

One day you’re in the kitchen, and you hear scraping directly above, as if someone is moving furniture upstairs. This is impossible because you are the only one home. You go upstairs to check it out only to find everything in place and no one is in the room!

Within the next couple of weeks everyone in the family starts to hear strange noises coming from the attic and basement – they hear footsteps, clanking and even singing and shrieking!  Every time you go to the room that the sound is coming from, no one is there. Very scary!

Now It’s Getting Worse!

Next, the nighttime visitations begin. Your children come to your room at night, wondering why you called them – but you didn’t. They’re sure that someone had called their name. In the middle of a deep sleep one night, you find people you’ve never seen before standing at the foot of your bed.

Everyone in the  family is complaining of headaches, but that doesn’t even surprise you – the lack of sleep, the constant barrage of noise – who wouldn’t have headaches? Then finally you wake and there is a scary man sitting on your chest, and you are  paralyzed, not able to move or scream!

is your house haunted

You know what’s happening, don’t you? Your house must be haunted! Of course you’ve read about it, and saw it in movies. Now the question is, what do you do? Should you call a paranormal expert?

During the next few weeks, people suggests various solutions, but nothing seems to work. Finally you decide to call your brother-in-law to tell him about the horror of what’s been happening. He asks you a series of questions “Are you all having headaches? Are you feeling depressed? Do you wake up feeling like you’re paralyzed?” You are stunned – your brother-in-law is not a paranormal expert, but he happens to be an HVAC expert. “It’s not ghosts,” he says. “You’re being slowly poisoned by carbon monoxide.”

Your brother-in-law checks your furnace, and sure enough, a slow leak has been filling the house with carbon monoxide gas. He replaces the furnace, and all the scary symptoms vanish overnight!

The moral of this story? Your house probably isn’t haunted. But you may have a bad furnace.

Remember, Prevention is the key.

Have a qualified professional come out to inspect & clean your heating system, chimney and flue every year.

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